2021 Mathletes Challenge Round 2 Postponed

15 Feb

We are postponing Round 2 due to inclement weather. We will continue the competition next Tuesday (February 23rd) at 9:30AM. Please check with your team coordinators for the Zoom link to Round 2. The Championship will be held on Tuesday, March 2nd at 9:30AM. More details about this round will be sent out next week.

Here’s a math question to keep you busy this week:

It starts snowing in the morning and continues steadily throughout the day. A snowplow that removes snow at a constant rate starts plowing at noon. It plows 2 miles in the first hour, and 1 mile in the second. What time did it start snowing

*Hint –

The snowplow’s speed is inversely proportional to the height of snow–the more snow there is, the slower the snowplow moves

So, with that setup, can you solve the problem? 

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