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Mathletes Round 1 Postponed…again

This is a hard call, but I think in the interest of the safety of 200+ kids, teachers, and parents we should cancel tomorrow’s competition. I’ve watched all the local forecasts and looked at many online, and it appears that the heaviest snow will be reaching Little Rock at the exact time we should be ending the competition. I think it will be better for all involved if we are at our schools, if we have to dismiss early.
We will still have the competition. As I wrote in my last email, we will plan on doing this Tuesday. I’ll send the test via email to you that morning. It will be your job to administer the test (giving students 20 minutes per half to compete) and of course this will be on the honor system. I would reschedule again with UALR, but they are all booked at this point.
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Round One Update

Weil it’s the same song just the second verse this week! 🙂
If we are in school tomorrow without any type of delays, we will have the Mathletes competition as planned. I’ve been in contact with UALR and they are expecting us if school is in session. If school is delayed at all, we will not have the competition tomorrow. Hopefully, we will be in session and things will go off without a hitch.
If the competition is cancelled tomorrow, we have a plan. Stay tuned and I will update with another post if the competition is cancelled.

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Round 1 Postponed Until Next Week

The Mathletes Challenge Round One is postponed due to inclement weather. We will start the competition next Wednesday (2/25) at its regularly scheduled time. This year, we will only have two rounds (Round 1 and the Championship). We will narrow the field down to our top ten teams next week. Thanks for understanding and I look forward to seeing you then!

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