1. Each round of the competition consists of two halves.
  2. Teams complete twenty questions in 20 minutes. At the conclusion of each 20 minute half, teams will receive a grade and a ranking in the competition. Scores will be tabulated at the end of the round to determine the winning teams.
  3. All five team members must compete.
  4. During the competition, only four students may compete at once.
  5. The team’s alternate must be substituted at halftime.  If a team participates in a tiebreak situation, the team coordinator may substitute for the alternate at this time.
  6. While students are problem solving in teams of four, no one may blurt out an answer. Teams will receive only one warning. The second warning will result in disqualification.
  7. In case of a tie, teams will be given five minutes to take a 12 question tie break exam. This round is called “Sudden Death!” The team(s) with the highest score will advance.

Materials Provided: 4 pencils, scratch paper, test booklet (one per team), Scantron answer document (one per team)


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