2016 Round 1 Welcome Email

Here is the welcome email I just sent to all who of our 2016 Round 1 competitors.

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for choosing to compete in the 2016 Mathletes Challenge. This is our eleventh year of the competition and each year it continues to grow and get bigger. We will have 45 teams from 24 different elementary schools competing in Round 01.

What to Expect

Round 01 will be held on Wednesday, February 24th at the Donaghey Student Center ( on the campus of UALR. The competition will be held in Room 214 which is on the 2nd floor of the Student Center. We will begin at 10:00am or whenever the last bus arrives. Transportation will be provided for all the schools and I will send out that list as soon as the folks in the transportation department get all of the routes worked out and sent to me. I have allocated enough room for all of the Mathletes and up to two adults per school to ride a bus.

How to Prepare

I highly suggest visiting our website ( in order to prepare for the competition. You will find six years worth of released tests for you to use to help your students prepare for the Challenge. The rules are listed and you should be familiar with them. Students may use a calculator but you need to bring them with you. We will provide pencils and scratch paper for teams to use.

The Challenge

Four students compete as a team. The Challenge has two, 20 minute halves and each team has to complete a 20 question test per half. All five students on the team must compete, so at half time you will need to substitute one of your Mathletes. Scores will be tabulated and posted at the half and at the end of Round 1. The top 20 teams will move on to Round 2 which will be held Tuesday, March 1st.

All of us look forward to seeing everyone in two weeks. I will be sending the transportation list out as soon as I receive it. If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Thank you,


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2016 Registration Deadline Approaching

It’s that time of year! The Mathletes Challenge 2016 will begin being held later next month. The registration deadline is Monday, February 1st. Please click on the REGISTER link above to get your team registered. We are looking forward to having another awesome year!

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2016 Mathletes Challenge Dates Announced

We just confirmed everything with UALR for the 2016 Mathletes Challenge. Here are the dates of the competition:

Round I: UALR – 10:00am-12:30pm (Wednesday, February 24, 2016)

Round II: UALR – 10:00am-12:30pm (Tuesday, March 1, 2016)

Round III: UALR – 6pm-8pm (Wednesday, March 16, 2016)

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Mathletes Alumni Advice

A few folks requested that I post the videos of the two former Mathletes that are currently attending college. Here are the two videos I played during tonight’s competition. Jessica is currently an accounting major at the University of Arkansas and Manuel is a neurobiology major at Harvard University.

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2015 Mathletes Challenge Championship Results

Congratulations to all who participated in the Championship tonight. Thank you students, parents, teachers and administrators for all your support. We had 100 students take part in the finals. The overall champion was Fulbright Team 1. This is their second championship in a row. Check out how all the rest of the teams did by viewing the results below:


Mathletes Championship Results Test 1 Test 2 Total SD SD
Fulbright – Team 1 20 19 39
Forest Heights – Team 1 20 18 38
Don Roberts – Team 1 19 17 36
Williams – Team 1 19 16 35 10
Don Roberts – Team 2 20 15 35 9 8
Carver – Team 1 20 15 35 9 7
Pulaski Heights 20 15 35 8
Williams – Team 2 20 13 33
Forest Park – Team 2 17 15 32
Carver – Team 2 18 13 31
Fulbright – Team 2 17 13 30
Forest Heights – Team 2 17 9 26
Forest Park – Team 1 16 10 26
Jefferson 17 9 26
Wakefield 16 10 26
Booker – Team 1 15 10 25
Otter Creek – Team 1 18 7 25
Booker – Team 2 12 9 21
Otter Creek – Team 2 13 8 21
McDermott 11 7 18

2015 Mathletes Challenge Championship PowerPoint

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Mathletes Champhionship Is Tomorrow

We finally got the Round One competition in the books. The top 20 teams are moving on to the Championship, which will be held tomorrow night at UALR. Here are the teams that will be competing:

Fulbright – Team 1
Williams – Team 1
Forest Heights – Team 2
Williams – Team 2
Pulaski Heights – Team 2
Forest Heights – Team 1
Don Roberts – Team 1
Don Roberts – Team 2
Carver – Team 2
Forest Park – Team 2
Booker – Team 2
Carver – Team 1
Otter Creek – Team 1
Wakefield – Team 1
Booker – Team 1
Jefferson – Team 2
Bale – Team 2
Forest Park – Team 1
Fulbright – Team 2
McDermott – Team 2
Otter Creek – Team 2

Good luck to all and we will crown our 10th winner of the competition tomorrow night. I hope to see you there!

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Mathletes Round 1 Postponed…again

This is a hard call, but I think in the interest of the safety of 200+ kids, teachers, and parents we should cancel tomorrow’s competition. I’ve watched all the local forecasts and looked at many online, and it appears that the heaviest snow will be reaching Little Rock at the exact time we should be ending the competition. I think it will be better for all involved if we are at our schools, if we have to dismiss early.
We will still have the competition. As I wrote in my last email, we will plan on doing this Tuesday. I’ll send the test via email to you that morning. It will be your job to administer the test (giving students 20 minutes per half to compete) and of course this will be on the honor system. I would reschedule again with UALR, but they are all booked at this point.
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